Goldfield 1 - Chapter 1 Study guide How did the population...

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Chapter 1 Study guide How did the population of the Americas compare to Europe in 1492? In 1942 perhaps 70 million people - nearly equal to the population of Europe at the time lived on the continents of north and south America. most of them south of the present border between USA and Mexico How did the first migrants reach the Americas? The first migrants may have arrived over 40,000 yrs. ago, traveling from central Siberia and slowly making there way to southern south America. Why did Paleo-Indians have to find new sources of food? Such effiant tools like crafted spear points led the indeans to over hunt mammoths, mastodons, and other large game had become extiinct in the ameriicas. the climate alsoo began to change and cause grass lands to turn to desert annd reduced animals food suply causeing humans to find new resources. What did the Indians trade? trade was not limited to material goods, but also iincluded exchanges of marraige partners , laborers, ideas, annd religious practices. ideas about death and the after life also passed between groups. so did certaini barial practices What adaptation did the Indians make? When? in the later half of the arctic perios some native americans made a momentus social and economic adaption when they began farming. agriculturiing in the americas did not begin untill around 3000bc What changes followed agriculture? Important social changes took hold. populatiions grew because farming produced a more secure food suply than did hunting and gathering. -large cities began to apear that thrived off of farming. womens status improved because of there agricultural knowledge. How did nonfarming societies survive? small nomatic bands moved seasonally to fish, follow game, and ini the brief summers gather wild barrys. How did the Aztec empire expand? after the fall of teotihaucan the tolics a worrior people rose from prominense dominating cenntral mexico. aztec culture expanded throughcontinuous military conquest. driven by a quest for sacrificial victims and for wealth in the form of tribute off food gold and other hand crafted goods. What happened to the Ancestral Puebloans?
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Goldfield 1 - Chapter 1 Study guide How did the population...

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