Goldfield 4 - Chapter 4 Study Guide Why did England's...

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Chapter 4 Study Guide Why did England’s leaders see the colonies as indispensable? -colonist suppled raw materials unavailable iin the mother country, and coloonist and indians provded a healthy market for english mannufactured goods What four types of regulation were used to put mercantilism “into action?” -1. 1st type of ledgislaton aimed to end dutch dominence in england's over seas trade. -2. 2nd type of ledgislaton stipulated that certain colonial goods called enumerater products could be shipped only to england or to another english colony. -3. 3rd and 4th types of regulatiion further ennhanced the advantage of english. How did the colonies fare under these regulations? - the colonys as a whole prospered very well What were the most valuable colonial products? -west indian sugar , tabacco, rice, iindgo What did the colonies import from England? bales of ennglis cloth, leather, crates of glass wear annd pottery, casks of nails and lead shot, iron, brass, annd copper Where did colonial manufacturing take place? in england Who was the urban workforce? - How was urban poverty addressed? -cities built work houses and towns collected for poor relief in greater amounts than ever before. What did better quality goods represent to the colonists? - it reflected the growth of the colonial populatiion, for the rate at whiitch americans bought britiish goods exceeded the rate of population increase. used it to show off there refined style of life. How did houses reflect colonial aspirations? -built homes to advertise thier wealth, as well as to emulate the englsh gentry in thier
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Goldfield 4 - Chapter 4 Study Guide Why did England's...

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