Goldfield 3 - Chapter 3 Study Guide How did the Spanish...

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Chapter 3 Study Guide How did the Spanish exert control over the Indians? spanish soldiurs ensured that the indeans obeyed orders even though they greatly out numbered the colonists. What were the encomienda and repartimiento? They were labor controllers encomienda this granted to influencial spannerds in new mexico, gave these colonist the right to collect tribute from the native people. was noto supposed to include forced labor, but often did repartimiento another spanish tecnique foor explooiting native american labor. this was a manditory draft of indian labor. for public prodjects such as building forts bridges and rodes How did the Indians regard trade? inndians used it keep considerable influence over the europeans.nnative americans thought of trade not only as an economic activity but rather as one aspect of a broader aligence between peoples. the americanns had to give gifts to show friend ships with natives. Why were the French most successful in trading with the Indians? they new that good relations were essential to keepiing new france's fur trade opperating smooothly. What problems emerged as a result of extensive trade? Disease, small pox, french merchants began to use economic pressure to exert greater controll over them., one year of hunting paid for the previous years debt. iif hunters avoided payment they refused good trade. How did the English misunderstand how Indians used land? english settelers insisted that all the nnatives do is "run over the grass as do the animals." annd there for that the "spacious annd void" land was free for the taking. How did English colonists acquire Indian lands?
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Goldfield 3 - Chapter 3 Study Guide How did the Spanish...

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