Goldfield 7 - Chapter 7 Study Guide (abbreviated) The New...

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Chapter 7 Study Guide (abbreviated) The New Order of Republicanism How did state leaders and rebel farmers each define the liberty won during the Revolution? (see Chapter Intro) -Leaders- equated with the right of the individual. To persue wealth and amass property -Farmers- the right of communities to defend their interests against the threat of moneyed and aristocratic elites What did republicanism mean to Americans? -Legitimate political authority derives from the people. It is they who are sovereign, not the king or the aristocracy. The people should elect the officials that govern them and these governners should represent the intrst of the people who elected them. Why was owning property thought to be required? -because republicanism always taught that political rights should only be limited to those who owned private property. This in effect restricted political pertiisipants to property owning men. Why were women excluded from politics? - because they were thought of as the weaker sex and were socially taught that a womens place was iin more domestic matters and they were ok with that. What was unique about New Jersey? - for a short period of timie during the 70’s women were allowed to vote. What was republican motherhood? - the thought that mothers were there to instill apon there young sons the ideas of republicanism and make sure these ideas were passed from generation to generation. How did the Revolution affect African Americans in the South? - it triggered the growth of free black communities and the development of an African America colture. How did the Revolution affect African Americans in the North? - most northern states ended slavory all together, and blacks because of society outcasting them began to form their own churches and self help associations How did the Revolution have a mixed impact on Native Americans? -
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Goldfield 7 - Chapter 7 Study Guide (abbreviated) The New...

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