Goldfield 12 - Chapter 12 Study Guide What was the major...

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Chapter 12 Study Guide What was the major change in the US economy during the first half of the 19 th century? -increased consumption in the u.s.a. What was the most direct cause of this change? - the transportation revolution Why was water transportation the preferred method for shipping products? - because cost wise it was cheeper What was the significance of the Erie Canal? - the first and most successful of the artificial waterways designed to link eastern seaboard cities with western marketers What was the general direction of railroad routes? - east to west, west to east How did railroads alter the sectional balance? -no direct link connected the north and south What role did governments play in the transportation revolution? - both national and state goovernemnent fully supported the trans rev. -they funded more then half of the canals and rail roads What is limited liability? -the limiting of investors liability to their direct financial stake in the company, and the power of eminent domain, the legal right to purchase what ever land was needed for rights of way What was the relationship between transportation and urbanization? - it started the spread of urbanization because people now had good routes to travel in order to get were they needed to go. What accompanied urban growth? - the frst slums Why did immigrants come to the US? - in the 1840’s economic and political upheavals n Europe spurred mass migration mostly to the u.s. What were the two largest ethnic groups to immigrate in the antebellum period?
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Goldfield 12 - Chapter 12 Study Guide What was the major...

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