Goldfield 11 - Chapter 11 Study Guide Define the Lower...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11 Study Guide Define the Lower South.- consisted of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and florida. What was the advantage of upland or short-staple cotton?- the machinery they had available to them to remove impurities from cotton like seeds. Why was upland cotton well suited to slave labor?-because it required fairly continuous tending throughout the year. Define a plantation and the planter class.-plantation- large productive unts specializing in a cash crop and employing at least 20 slaves . planters were in the highest of class What was the gang system?- a crude version of the devsion of labor that was being introduced iin northern factores, permitted a regiment work place. Why did cotton prices hold steady?- because the need and want for cotton only grew throughout the 19 th century How was the slave trade profitable?- because the price of slaves steadly roose over the years and after a while slave owners soon reliized the profitability of selling and owning slaves What did slave owners invest their profits into?- buying more slave hands Why did planters fear urbanization and industrialization?- because these two ideas weekend slavory.-urban area slavory declined over the years from 20% to only 10%-industry made no need for slaves Define the Upper South.- Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina Why was demand for slaves smaller in the Upper South?...
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Goldfield 11 - Chapter 11 Study Guide Define the Lower...

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