Goldfield 8 - Chapter 8 Study Guide(abbreviated Forging a...

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Chapter 8 Study Guide (abbreviated) Forging a New Government (pp. 226-230) What challenges did the new Congress face? -it had to give form and substance to the frame work of the new national government outlined in the constitution What did Madison push for? - he pushed for speedy action on the bill of rights Why? -personal liberties What did the Bill of Rights guarantee? - they guarantee religious freedom, freedom of expression, and the safe guarding of all individuals and their property against arbitrary legal proceedings What is the cabinet? - the presidents chief advisory body. How was the Judiciary Act of 1789 a compromise? - because it divided the courts and made it only eligible for court through the constitution. What was the government’s main source of revenue? - tariffs (taxes) What was the controversy about the tariff? - northern manufacturers wanted high tariffs and farmers in the south wanted low tariffs. How was Madison’s proposal “a declaration of economic warfare” against England? - because he wanted to charge 60 cents per ton on british ships entering American ports. What did Hamilton identify as the nation’s basic problem? - the huge debt left over from the revolution. Why did Hamilton try to link the self-interests of the wealthy to the success of the gov’t? -
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Goldfield 8 - Chapter 8 Study Guide(abbreviated Forging a...

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