Physics Lab I - Unit 01 Linear Regression Analysis...

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Unit 01 Linear Regression Analysis Objective The purpose of this experiment is to learn how to apply the basic properties of linear regression analysis to a set of trialed and recorded data. A set of formulae are provided in order to give an understanding of how linear regression can be used to find the slope of a line in a graph. Concept The foundation of linear regression analysis is based on the procedure of the method of least squares. This process allows one to fit an algebraic function to certain data making up a graph. It enables the distance between the points on a graph and the line that connects them much smaller in comparison to the original. When observing the functional dependence of a parameter on another, linear regression allows one to show this dependence as a straight line. This permits one to establish the slope and intercept which in turn provides the intersecting quantity to the performer of the experiment. For the current experiment, a block is set up to slide down a ramp on a table as it is timed
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Physics Lab I - Unit 01 Linear Regression Analysis...

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