General Chemistry: Media Enhanced Edition, 8th Edition

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Names: _____ KEY ___________________ CHEM 130: Disc. 215 GSI: Lauren Goodrich ____________________________ QUIZ 3 ____________________________ Show all work and report answers to the correct number of significant figures. 1. An organic molecule contains C, H, and O. The combustion of 6.38g of the organic molecule yields 9.06g CO 2 and 5.58g H 2 0. What is the empirical formula of this organic molecule? (4 points) CH 3 O 2. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying molecule of red blood cells, consisting of a protein and a nonprotein substance. The nonprotein substance is called heme. A sample of heme weighing 35.2mg contains 3.19mg of iron.
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Unformatted text preview: If a heme molecule contains one atom of iron, what is the molecular weight of heme? (4 points) 616 g/mol 3. Ammonia gas can be prepared by the reaction of a metal oxide such as calcium oxide with ammonium chloride. CaO(s) + 2NH 4 Cl(s) 2NH 3 (g) + H 2 0(g) + CaCl 2 (s) a. If 112g of CaO and 224g of NH 4 Cl are mixed, what is the maximum mass of NH 3 that can be obtained? (4 points) CaO is limiting reactant max amount of NH 3 = 68.0g b. How many hydrogen atoms are in the 224g sample of ammonium chloride? (2 points) 1.02E25 hydrogen atoms...
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Quiz3+215+KEY[1] - If a heme molecule contains one atom of...

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