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Week 3 Quiz 2 1. Emotions consist of which of the following components a. physiological reactions b. behavioral expressions c. conscious feelings d. all of the above d 2. Evolution has hardwired humans for certain fears. For which f the following fears do humans appear to be biologically prepared? a. fear of electricity b. fear of flowers c. fear of cliffs d. fear of keys c 3. Shana won the lottery six months ago. At the time she was elated. Now however, she is about as happy as she was before the lottery. This is an example of: a. relative deprivation
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Unformatted text preview: b. adaptation-level phenomenon c. catharsis d. feel good, do-good phenomenon b 4. Representativeness and availability are examples of: a. heuristics b. algorithms c. stroop effects d. cognitive dissonance a 5. Most people tend to: a. accurately estimate the accuracy of their knowledge and judgments b. underestimate the accuracy of their knowledge and judgments c. overestimate the accuracy of their knowledge and judgments d. lack confidence in their decision-making strategies c...
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