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Quiz 13 - Conflict Theory Dominant sexual orientations...

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Proposes that multiple forms of sexual identityare possible (not only straight/gay) and that they can be seen when people cross the ordinarily assumed social boundaries of sex, gender and sexual orientation categories Queer Theory The following is/ are true: all of the above Violence against LGBT people Gay Bashing Sexual norms contribute to the stability of social institutions. This idea is proposed by: Functionalism Sexual identity is learned through socialization into roles. This idea is proposed by: Functionalism The _____ movement of the early twentieth century in America grew from the fear of immigrants. Eugenics The following is/are true: For ancient Mesopotamians, sexual intercourse was an important component of religious practices and ceremonies. The link between sexuality and power: Sexual Politics Sexual norms are defined by the most powerful groups in society. This idea is proposed by:
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Unformatted text preview: Conflict Theory Dominant sexual orientations received more institutional benefits. This idea is proposed by: Conflict Theory As with other forms of social behavior, sexual behavior is not: Static _______ is reinforced through institutional mechanisms that project the idea that only heterosexuality is normal. Heterosexism "The social world tends to mold biology as much as biology shapes humans' sexuality." An example(s) of this idea is/are: All of the above The following is/are true: For the ancient classical Greeks, the ideal form of romantic-sexual love was the one between an older man with a younger male. emphasizes how performance and play with gender categories can be a political tool for deconstructing fixed gender and sexual identities Queer Theory In ancient Mesopotamian culture, sexual intercourse did have a spiritual as well as a healing aspect...
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