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Ayan Adan Biology 100-21 70) Part A: In a land far, far away lives a Princess who is heterozygous for a sex-linked recessive gene that causes premature baldness. She marries a 25-year-old Prince from another Kingdom. He is very handsome and has a full head of hair. She doesn't meet his parents, but is told they both have lots of hair on their heads. What percentage of their children with be prematurely bald? Show your work. Using the information given, the princess has a 50% chance of passing the sex-linked gene to her sons. 1 of her 2 sons will prematurely bald, but they both will carry the sex-
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Unformatted text preview: linked gene. Part B: After having four children, two boys and two girls, the Princess discovers that her mother-in-law wears a wig because she is completely bald, and has been since the age of 22. With this new knowledge, what can the Princess expect to happen with her children's hair. Explain. (5 pts total for Part A and Part B) It would still be a 50/50 chance of either boy expressing the sex-linked gene. Though this does increase the chances of the F2 generations chances of getting the sex-linked gene....
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