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page 1 Quiz Five Harman, CHEM 141/151 Dec 2, 2005 Instructions: 1. Mark the answer sheet with a #2 pencil. 2. Print your name. 3. Write in as well as bubble in your SSN in the indicated spaces on the top of the answer sheet. 4. There are 15 questions, each counting 5 points. There is no penalty for wrong answers. 5. you have until 12:50 to complete the quiz and turn in your answer sheet. 6. Turn in only the answer sheet. You may keep the quiz booklet. 7. Write out and sign pledge in the box on the back of your answer sheet. 8. The key to the quiz will be e-mailed out to you as soon as possible. 9. If you want to have your grade posted, bubble in 16A. Here is some information that you may find not so useful: The emperor Nero played his violin while Rome burned.
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page 2 1. The First Law of Thermodynamics is the law of a. conservation of energy b. conservation of matter c. conservation of entropy d. All of these are involved. e. none of these 2. The heat transferred to the system in a process carried out at constant pressure is a. w b. Δ H c. C P Δ T d. Δ E e. K 3.What is Δ H for the decomposition of 9.74 g of HBr( g ) ( M = 80.91 g mol –1 ) into its elements? H 2 ( g ) + Br 2 ( g ) 2 HBr( g ) Δ H r = –72.8 kJ mol -1 of H 2 (g) a. 36.4 kJ b. 4.38 kJ c. 8.76 kJ d.. -8.76 kJ e. This cannot be determined from the available information
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Quiz.Five.141.151 - Quiz Five Instructions Harman CHEM...

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