chem lab 10 - 4 Stir it for 30-45 mins at room temperature...

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Hoang 1 Phuong Hoang Chem 3105 – 541 11/12/08 Experiment 10: Hydroboration/Oxidation of 1-Octene I. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to carry out a hydroboration of an alkene and to oxidize the alkylborane to a primary alcohol. II. Reaction: III. Procedure: 1. Take a 5.0 ml conical vial equipped with spinvane and drying tube. 2. Add 0.2 ml of octane to it through rubber septum. 3. Cool the vial and add 1 ml of 1M borane – THF solution.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Stir it for 30-45 mins at room temperature. 5. Add 2-3 drops of water 6. Take the solution in a elenmeyer and keep it for next week with your name on it. IV. Points to remember: 1. Work individually 2. Little careful with borane. It stinks, should not fall on clothes. 3. As it is small lab, clean your apparatus and your bench. V. Setup:...
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