lab 1 - 1. Boiling chips should be added 2. The round...

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Hoang 1 Phuong Hoang CHEM 3105 -541 Partner: Jenifer Henry Date of Lab: 9/10/08 Experiment 1: Simple and Fractional Distillation: Methanol and Water I. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to separate a mixture of methanol and water, two miscible liquids with somewhat different boiling points. II. Background: - Distillation is the process of heating a liquid to the boiling point, condensing the heated vapor by cooling, and returning either a prtion of, or none of, the condensed vapors to the distillation vessel. - Simple distillation involves the use of the distillation process to separate a liquid from minor components that are nonvolatile, or that have a boiling point at least 30 - 40 o C above that of the major component. - Fractional distillation can occur in a distillation system containing more than one theoretical plate. This process must be used when the boiling points of the components differ by less than 30 – 40 o C and fairly complete separation is desired. III.Things to remember:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Boiling chips should be added 2. The round bottom flask should touch the hot plate at all time. 3. Do not heat too fast or too slow 4. Do not throw away the solution (reuse for both experiments then pour back to the bottle) 5. Work in pairs, only 2 students per one set up IV.Procedure: 1. Set the apparatus as in page 51 Mayo 2. Take 40 mL solution and boiling chips to round bottom flask 3. Heat it slowly (temperature knob at midpoint) 4. Get the temperature after every 2 mL collected 5. After 13 data points stop and switch to fractional distillation 6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 7. Plot a graph Hoang 2 V. Graph: The fractional distillation curve was steeper than the simple distillation curve. It is important in choosing which kind of distillation to use. VI. Conclusion: The experiment satisfied the purpose of the lab, which was to separate a misture of methanol and water. At the end of the experiment, methanol was separated from the mixture....
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lab 1 - 1. Boiling chips should be added 2. The round...

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