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HW3 - effort into it Also discuss what LISA can do that...

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Astronomy 309 Gebhardt Homework 3 1) Overview the evidence that gamma-ray bursts are related to supernovae and/or to star formation. There is much evidence for Gamma ray bursts being related to star formation. Long gamma-ray bursts are only found in systems with recent star formation. This is important because massive stars are never found in regions where star formation has long ceased. Also, there are many observations where a supernova has followed a gamma-ray burst. 2) Discuss as many possible scenarios that you can think of which allow for a distribution of GRBs that are not isotropic on the sky. Gamma-ray Bursts that are very short tend to deviate from being isotropic. They probably come from galactic sources or near a solar origin. 3) LISA is a gravitational wave detector that may get launched around 2020. It will take an incredible amount of money and effort. Explain why this is so important and why we should put such a great
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Unformatted text preview: effort into it. Also, discuss what LISA can do that LIGO will not be able to do. Try to find specific predictions of what the two telescopes will be able to see. After reading the information on the webpages, present your opinion as to whether this is a worthwhile cause. Lisa is important because it might be able to accurately detect gravitational waves and thus test Einsteins theory of gravity. LISA will be sensitive to lower frequencies that LIGO can't detect, so they will be complementary. LISA's high sensitivity would help it detect gravitational waves from things such as pulsars. Personally, I believe that this project is important because it would help answer a fundamental question that bothers all humans to this day- the nature of gravity. I believe knowing how gravity works will help broaden horizons to new limits....
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