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minipaper#5 - Mini-paper#5 Country Positions Sweden and...

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Mini-paper #5 Country Positions 11/18/08 Sweden and Estonia Sweden I tried to pick a subject that pertained as a big issue for the two comparing countries. It seemed that the economy is the one that both countries seem to care a lot about. The Economy use to rely on agriculture before the 19 th century and now it has modernized and relies mostly on industries. The people of Sweden have been able to adapt very well the modernization as they are a very skilled labor force. Sweden has always done relatively well in their economy until the crisis of the 1990s which helped them reach their decision of joining the E.U. Their economy had plummeted in debt and high unemployment rate. After joining the European Union their GDP slowly kept growing also with various new reforms that kept inflation rates low. Now Sweden is known to be one of the most competitive economies in the world right behind Switzerland. It has decreased in unemployment rate to 6.1% and their inflation rate to 2.1%. They import billions in machinery and other industrialized products and export
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