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Geological Catastropes quiz 1

Geological Catastropes quiz 1 - Q/2 Geological Catastrophes...

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Unformatted text preview: Q /2\ Geological Catastrophes, GEOL 20 Winter Quaner, 2009 QUIZ #1 NAME: _ 1. What are the main energy sources that drive geological processes on Earth? i)€&‘i”ra+‘”r'6$+"m/ [Mlmng/ 7,] Grow/7+ '5) [Whim/ Hard ‘7}§vn EM’H” 2. On the diagram included below, label the major regions of the Earth. Where would you expect brittle material behavior within the earth, and where would you expect ductile or plastic behavior? //u we!“ mam He 2. guitar Cert k/F/M4’: WMF ...
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