Humancloning - Who's Afraid of Human Cloning? We believe...

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Who's Afraid of Human Cloning? We believe that there should be no laws that ban research into, or production of, human clones. A human clone would be like an identical twin to the adult whose cell was used to create it, but it would of course be much younger. It would be like a delayed twin. The Catholic Church has declared that cloning humans is "repugnant". What is so repugnant about it? Is it repugnant to have an identical twin brother or sister? If not, what is the difference? Well, if you have an identical twin it happened by accident. No one made it happen. So how is it perfectly fine and acceptable for something to happen by accident and "repugnant" to have it happen on purpose? Banning outright even fundamental research for cloning humans, as our U.S. Congress has naively proposed, would be like banning automobiles because they can kill people. There are dangers of course, but like any other technological discovery cloning can be subjected to intelligent controls. An excellent reason for keeping human cloning legal is that a law banning it would be unenforceable. Cloning will take place whether such a law is passed or not. If cloning is banned in the United States, it will be done in other countries. In the unlikely event that a worldwide ban were enacted it would be easy to do the cloning illegally in the countries that pretend they have the means to control each of their citizens, or even legally aboard ships in international waters. Having the ability to clone people, together with the associated technologies of genetics, has such immense potential advantages that any country which
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Humancloning - Who's Afraid of Human Cloning? We believe...

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