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WSS Request - Cylon Interactive - Perform daily stock and...

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NUS Career Centre Office of Student Affairs Work-Study Assistance Scheme Job Request Form (Part Time) 1) Name of Company Cylon Interactive Pte Ltd 2) Job Title Product Specialist, for Sitex Show 2008 Weekend promoters @ 3) Number of Vacancies 26 4) Work duration (Flexible or fixed hours) Tuesday 24 th Nov till30th Nov 2008 ( Can extend if interested ) (Perm-part time ) Vacancies for jobs open throughout the years 5) Total no. of hours per week Appro 50 - 55 6) Remuneration $6/hr exclude comm. 7) Job Description (Work duties, tasks & responsibilities) - Promote & sales of our software at Sitex 2008 - Ensure individual sales target set by management is met
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Unformatted text preview: - Perform daily stock and control of inventory- Ensure merchandise are prominently displayed - Provide an excellent level of service to our customers 8) Job Specifications (Qualifications, requirements, skills, experience etc) Those with sales experience with added advantage. 9) Preferred faculty/ school Any 10) Preferred field of study Any 11) Work Location / Address Singapore Expo 12) Contact details of employer (for students to submit their resume and details to the employers directly) Email resume to : [email protected] For Office Use Date Received : __________ Date to Registrar Office : __________ Date Posted on eJob Centre : _________...
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