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Hiu Yan Grace Kwok Section 35223R Assignment #1 January 23, 2008 Should Our Sexuality Define Who We Are? Before arriving at an answer to the question, it is crucial that the key term “sexuality” be explicated. Generally speaking, the meaning of sexuality is multifold. It refers to the possession of certain physical features that define one’s gender and enable individuals to perform sexual activities, a mentality that primarily concerns sexual desires, and the sexual behavioural patterns of differnet groups. Normative or popular perceptions of sexuality monotonically interpret sexuality in scientic and biological terms. Sexuality is equated with heterosexuality one’s gender identity is determined by physical attributes and the sex it is attracted to. In other words, one is a woman if it has female reprodutive organs and likes men, and vice versa. Sugar-coated with data and statistics, this notion of sexuality is rationalized and neutralized. Being socially constructed, this sexuality is not an accurate indicator of who
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