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numbers and list of eqs

numbers and list of eqs - Garlock slip rate 8mm/yr VS rate...

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Garlock: slip rate: 8mm/yr. VS. rate of energy storage: almost 0 strain transient ECSZ: slip rate about 5-6mm/yr. VS. rate of energy storage about 10- 12mm/yr. 1904,22,32,66: 6 eqs (M6.0) with an average recurrence interval in 22 years in Parkfield, southern end of creeping section and northern end of locked part that contributes to the 1857 Fort Tejon eq. same piece of fault breaking 1975 M7.4 Haicheng eq.: “officially” the only predicted eq. official prediction came after most residents had already built temporary structures not exactly a prediction since date and place NOT SPECIFIED 1976 M7.6 Tangshan eq.: no foreshocks, 240/700K killed, 165K injured, intensity XI 1933 M6.4 Long Beach eq.: Northwood Inglewood flt, major damages in Compton due to the effect of LA basin 1971 M6.7 San Fernando eq.: Sierra Madre flt. blind thrust updip source directivity 1992: Joshua Tree M6.1(r-l s-s) Landers M7.3 (roughly two months later) (r-l s-s) Big Bear M6.5(largest aftershock of Landers) (l-l s- s conjugate) along SAF/ECSZ?
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