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essay 4 - Kwok 1 Hiu Yan Grace Kwok Section 35223R Essay#4...

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Kwok 1 Hiu Yan Grace Kwok Section 35223R Essay #4 April 19, 2008 The Ultimate Disgrace Love songs, passionate love notes, romantic poems. of the most powerful seductions takes the form of words. Under the influence of highly sensual and sexual discourses, literature becomes entangled with sexuality. Often times, writers utilize words and languages to manipulate and construct desire. Colonial writers, in particular, exoticize and eroticize non-white women for the highest level of gratification. In J. M. Coetzee's Disgrace , David Lurie, a fifty-two-year old colonial professor specializing in romantic literature, actively involves himself with poems and operas. Gradually, this obsession with artistic and literary representations ventures into his sex life and he even identifies himself with certain fictional figures. Also, his attempts to create an operatic masterpiece and utilize sex to reconstruct his masculine image start to interplay. However, certain incidents, namely his failure to engage with students, Melanie in particular, in his literature class, the demise of his career, and his daughter's rape, signify that his relations of sexuality to literature and fantasy pave the way to destruction, leaving him utterly hollow, isolated and disillusioned. Aging, being divorced twice, Lurie opts for reckless and random sex with prostitutes as a way to anesthetize himself and at the same time objectify women to redeem himself masculine. In the mean time, his knowledge of languages individualizes his sexual practices. Generally, anonymity is the gist of prostitution since men will not care about which prostitutes are serving them, let alone their names. Those men try to avoid as many affiliations as possible. Contrary to general cases, naming plays a significant role in Lurie's encounters with prostitutes. His having sexual encounters with two Sorayas indicates his obsession with names. His obsession is not about
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essay 4 - Kwok 1 Hiu Yan Grace Kwok Section 35223R Essay#4...

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