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BIS 1C Study Guide 1 - BIS1C Instructor: S. O'Neill STUDY...

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BIS1C Instructor: S. O'Neill STUDY GUIDE FOR MIDTERM 1 The very best way to study for the Midterm Exam is to review and test your knowledge of the lecture material posted to the course web site. Use the text book as a backup and to understand difficult concepts and processes as this reading material relates to the material covered in lecture. To get the most out of the study guide, try to answer the question without referring to your notes or to the text. If you have trouble answering the questions or finding answers to the questions in your lecture material or in the text, please see the Professor or the TAs. In any case, please plan to attend the Midterm Review session. Part 1. The Plant Body, Tissues, Organs and Cells 1. What type of plants are included in the Magnoliophyta (Anthophyta) or “angiosperms?” Taxonomically, is Magnoliophyta a Kingdom, Division, Class, or Family designation? What is the new method of classifying the flowering plants? 2. What is the term used to describe a (1) baby plant, (2) young or immature plant, and (3) adult plant? 3. What is the proper term for the embryonic root? 4. Are cotyledons part of the embryo? Why or why not? What can happen to the cotyledons during development? 5. Traditionally, the flowering plants have been divided into two major Classes, informally called the dicots and the monocots. Why are these terms used to describe these two
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BIS 1C Study Guide 1 - BIS1C Instructor: S. O'Neill STUDY...

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