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Criminal Law Sample Exam - 1ExamSpring 2003 Criminal Law...

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1ExamSpring 2003 Criminal Law Exam Return To Exam ListAnswer BLIND GRADING NUMBER_____________ CRIMINAL LAW EXAMINATION -- SPRING 2003 1) You will have 3 hours to complete the examination. Read the questions carefully. The first and second questions are worth 40 points each and the third question is worth 20 points. Accordingly, you may want to devote approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to the first and second questions and 40 minutes to the third question. 2) Please thoroughly discuss all issues and give reasons for all conclusions. A mere citation to a case or section of the Model Penal Code, without more, will receive little or no credit. QUESTION 1 Jellybean was a popular rock star who lived with his girlfriend Pinkie in Hollywood, California. Jellybean and Pinkie had a tumultuous relationship and constantly argued, usually about Jellybean's numerous affairs with other women and his drinking problem. Eventually, the arguing escalated into physical fighting. Jellybean and Pinkie were about the same size, height, and weight. Jellybean would slap and shove Pinkie, often leaving bruises. Pinkie would fight back, frequently throwing household items at Jellybean. The arguing and fighting continued for months, off and on, but Jellybean and Pinkie continued to live together. One night, Jellybean came home with his buddy Jolly Rancher. Jellybean was really drunk and began screaming at Pinkie. The usual arguing began, and Jellybean punched Pinkie in her right eye. This time, Pinkie didn't fight back. Her face started to bleed, and she threatened to call the police. Jellybean said, “If you touch that telephone, I swear I'll kill you.” He then laid down on the sofa in the living room and fell asleep. Jolly Rancher stood by, watching everything. Pinkie went into the kitchen to make an icepack for her face. Her face was swelling quickly, and it was difficult for her to see out of the injured eye. Pinkie was standing near the counter, making an icepack, when she heard a noise.
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Criminal Law Sample Exam - 1ExamSpring 2003 Criminal Law...

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