Si - week 14 worksheet

Si - week 14 worksheet - MATH 218 SI Session (Fall 2008)...

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MATH 218 SI Session (Fall 2008) Week 14 Worksheet (11/24 – 11/30) SI Leader: Joy Chen Professors Lin & Song Topics Stressed: The Rest of Hypothesis Testing 1. The Thin Line Company claims that the individuals using its weight loss product for a duration of three months lose, on average, at least 10% of their total body weight. In what follows, you can assume normal distribution for the weight loss percentage. a. A consumer protection agency suspects that the company claim is false. Formulate the agency’s null and alternative hypotheses. b. The agency tests the product on a random sample of 16 individuals, and finds the average body weight loss to be 9%, with a sample standard deviation of 4%. Compute the test statistic value. c. Is there enough evidence that the company’s claim is false, at the 5% significance level? d. Estimate the P-value. Circle one. i) The P-value is less than 0.01 ii) The P-value is between 0.01 and 0.025 iii) The P-value is between 0.025 and 0.05 iv) The P-value is between 0.05 and 0.1 v) The P-value is greater than 0.1. e. What if, instead, the population standard deviation was known to be 4.5%, and out of 16 individuals the average weight loss was 9%? How does that change your rejection region and p-value at 5%
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Si - week 14 worksheet - MATH 218 SI Session (Fall 2008)...

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