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Si - week 15 worksheet - SI Leader: Joy Chen...

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MATH 218 SI Session (Fall 2008) Week 15 Worksheet (12/01 – 12/07) SI Leader: Joy Chen Prof. Lin & Prof. Song Topics Reviewed: Hypothesis Testing, Discrete & Continuous Distributions 1. The Brown Kow Dairy sells containers of milk. These containers are stamped with an expiration date; those containers not sold by the expiration date are discarded. Brown Kow claims that on average, milk can be kept for at least 14 days past the expiration date before going bad. To test this claim, government inspectors decided to keep 30 containers and record how long past its expiration date it takes each container to go bad. a. Formulate the null and alternative hypotheses H 0 and H a for this test. b. Choose a test statistic for the test, and give a rejection rule at the 5% level of significance. c. The inspectors find that the average time it took the 30 containers to go bad was 13 days, with a sample standard deviation s = 2 . 1 days. What is the inspectors’ conclusion? Show your work. d. What can you say about the P-value for this test (circle one)? Show your work. i. The P-value is less than 0 . 01. ii. The P-value is between 0 . 01 and 0 . 025. iii. The P-value is between 0 . 025 and 0 . 05. iv. The P-value is between 0 . 05 and 0 . 1. v. The P-value is greater than 0 . 1. 2. One of the largest firms making and marketing popular music has changed its manager responsible for acquiring new musical talent. In the past, at least 35% of recording contracts have resulted in hits. The higher-level executives wish to find out if this proportion has decreased with the new manager. They decide that they will collect data on how many of the
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Si - week 15 worksheet - SI Leader: Joy Chen...

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