notes - English colonies had the most women. Spanish...

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English colonies had the most women. Spanish colonies had more than the French and Dutch, but not as many as the English. English colonies were governed by English Law, which only recognized women as part of the 'family system.' Separate from husband and/or family, they had no recognized place in society. Women in the English colonies were primarily the caretakers of the home, though even that was subject to their husband's supervision. Family systems were far looser in Virginia than in Puritan-dominated New England . In Anglican VA, the families were more transient and religion was more personal. VA also had a higher mortality rate than NE, where cold winters prevented some disease. As such, families were less permanent in VA. The sex ratio was also more unbalanced there, as men far outnumbered women. This gave women more value in VA. In addition, opinions about women etc. were much more systematic in NE than in VA. In VA, you may not even SEE your neighbors for a while whereas, in NE, everyone poked into each other's business. The biggest difference between NE and VA was religion. The immigrants to Puritan NE had already established full family units and had come in groups. Migration to VA, however, was much more individual. Thus, in NE religion was far more homogenous-- everyone shared similar beliefs. This led to greater enforcement of gender-based norms in NE. For the most part, women in NE went along with the unequal treatment. One notable exception was Anne Hutchenson . She had come over in the 1620s with the first group of Puritans. Her family was well-connected to the Puritan hierarchy. She took the idea of
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notes - English colonies had the most women. Spanish...

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