notes - Continue. of Early contact between American Indians...

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Continue…. of Early contact between American Indians and different colonial groups from Europe. We already talked about the Spanish The French - They held much land in the Americas - Geovani sailed up the N. shore and came into contact with American Indians. - Its better called French Indian society. It was a cooperative society between the two. - In early 16 th century Jock Carie kidnapped some Indians (Iroquois) and took them back to France to show them off…this created hostility. - French realized they needed a good relationship between the Indians. They began creating alliances with Indians for fur trade benefits. They maintained the alliances. - French had a strong alliance with Heron Tribe. After founding of Qubeck area. The Herons were on the border with the Iroquois tribes. - Apart of the alliance was to participate in Indian war takeovers. - In 1609 French partnered with the Herons to go after the Iroquois. They had French weapons on their side. This social integration was a characteristic of their relationship with Indians. - The French and Indians began to marry. - As early 18 th century evolved the alliances became more and more impt. Because the English and the Dutch were also trying to create alliances. Theses alliances because key military ties. - Frenchification - Indians becoming more French. The Indians would be baptized with French names. Indian children would be taken by force from villages and put into French boarding school where the French would try to completely convert them to French men and women. - They would also try and put Indians on French reservation - Neither of these two forced conversion were effective in converting the Indians. - What ended up happening was that French were becoming more like the Indians rather than the other way around. - The Jesuit priests…instead of forcing Catholicism on the Indians they used aspects of Catholic religion to appeal to the Indians. Like the more spiritual elements, and the ukarist to show the Indians that their religion was something the Indians should believe in. This was more effective and some Indians began to convert to Catholicism. - The Jesuit Priest recorded on paper strategies that worked and those that did not. The French were better at not making enemies with the Indians than the English or Spanish.
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Dutch Settlers: - They occupied a small area of N. America, they lived in present day New York.
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notes - Continue. of Early contact between American Indians...

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