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Brooklyn Savings Bank vs O'Neil

Brooklyn Savings Bank vs O'Neil - Brooklyn Savings Bank v...

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Brooklyn Savings Bank v. O’Neil Court: US Supreme Court Year of Case: 1945 Statute at Issue: Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 Reference to Commerce: “Since a substantial portion of that building was devoted to the production of goods for commerce, the respondent was entitled to…” What provision of FLSA is at Issue? Section 16(b): “Any Employer who violates the provisions of section than he is liable to: o Unpaid wages/ unpaid overtime compensation o Liquidated damages o Attorney Fees and costs of action Facts: Case No. 445 (Night Watchman) o Petitioner: Brooklyn Savings Bank o Respondent: employed as a night watchmen o Respondent was entitled to overtime compensation under the provision of sec. 7 of FLSA o No compensation was given o Two years later he was offered a check for $423.16 for overtime in return for a release for all of his rights under the Act Didn’t include liquidated damages and respondent filed complaint Complaint was dismissed Failed to prove cause of action The respondent “released any claim for liquidated damages or counsel fees” o Said wouldn’t pay for liquidated damages o Appellate Term Reversed saying that he was entitled to the rights under the FLSA Affirmed by the NY Court of Appellate Division and by the New York Court of Appeals o Certiori was granted on the premise: “whether the respondents release of all claims and damages under the Act, given at the time he received payment of the overtime compensation due under the Acts, is a defense to an actins subsequently brought solely to recover liquidated damages Case No. 554 (Box Factory worker) o Petitioner: Operated a Box Factory where he employed the respondent in 1938-1942 o
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