End of the Plebiscitary Presidency

End of the Plebiscitary Presidency - End of the...

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End of the Plebiscitary Presidency The rise of Presidential government: Why all modern presidents are Great Presidents The bigness of the position that they hold, which makes them great…not dependant of your admiration of the president Each president since the new deal has not only been great but has also ended in disgrace o Tragedy: doomed by conditions inherent to the situation The Presidency as a cultural phenomenon: a plebiscitary ruler The plebiscite, presidential power, and mass expectations o Plebiscite: those who aspire power put themselves in the hands of the plebs who will either give approval or condemnation, but overall they would know that they would get their approval Elections is not the only way we select our leaders, we get plebiscites all the time through the polls because we can measure the masses opinions and reflections of the character of the presidency Every day we see the approval and disapproval of the legislatures, executives, judiciaries, etc
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