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McDonnell Douglas v. Green

McDonnell Douglas v. Green - McDonnell Douglas v Green...

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McDonnell Douglas v. Green Supreme Court 1973 Question The proper order and nature of proof in actions under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Petitioner: McDonnell Douglas Corp Aerospace and aircraft manufacturer in St. Luis Missouri Employs 30,000 + Respondent: Black Citizen of St. Louis A mechanic and lab technician from 1956-August 28, 1964 Fired for a general reduction in petitioner’s work force Protested that general hiring practices were racially motivated Facts Respondent illegally stalled their cars on the main roads leading to the petitioner’s plant Wanted to black access to it at the time of the morning shift change July 2, 1965 a lock-in took place t prevent people from leaving July 25, 1965 respondent applied for re-employment Petitioner turned down respondent…reasons: R’s participation in stall-in/lock-in R filed complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
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