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Extra Credit for MKT 337 and MKT 320F Marketing Department Subject Pool: Sign-up online at: http://mccombs.sona-systems.com/ Studies end by Friday April 24th, 2009 Marketing data and theories depend upon the research methods used to obtain them. Thus, an exposure to research and research methods is an experience that is valuable to understanding marketing and consumer behavior. At the University of Texas at Austin, the Marketing Department offers each student enrolled in MKT 337 and MKT 320F extra credit for a chance to gain some familiarity with the goals, methods, and results of marketing research. There are two options for earning extra credit through the Marketing Department Subject Pool: (1) the Experiment option OR (2) the Research Paper option. The maximum extra credit that can be earned using either option is 2* extra credit points. You may select either the experiment option OR the research paper option. (1) Experiment Option Students can participate in up to 2 ** different experiments during the semester for extra credit. Each experiment lasts less than 50 minutes and provides students with 1 extra credit hour. Each extra credit hour is worth 1 extra credit point. Thus, to earn the maximum amount of extra credit per semester, students must participate in 2 different experiments . STUDENTS MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE SAME EXPERIMENT TWICE. Experiments will be identified by number (e.g., Study #1, Study #2, etc). You may sign-up online at http://mccombs.sona-systems.com To participate in study, students should sign up for a time slot at mccombs.sona-systems.com (Note: there is no www in front of this address). The link can be found on the Marketing Department website as well. Studies take place throughout the semester. New sign-ups are posted every few weeks; check the web frequently for new postings. Some postings will also be announced in class. The last study will end April 24th at the latest, so plan ahead! Studies may take place in the Behavioral Lab (CBA 6.402 and CBA 6.499) or in other classrooms
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ExtraCredit_BasicInfo_FAQs - Extra Credit for MKT 337 and...

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