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Journal 4 Crown Core - Clinite Core Section 12 Journal...

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Clinite Core Section 12 Journal Entry #4 October 18, 2005 In Peter Singer’s book review of Animals, Men and Morals , he brings up three main points that this book discusses, strongly showing his opinion that animals are not here for human use on this earth. Singer’s ethical view is that animal exploitation is a form of discrimination, no different than racism or sexism. He stays true to his belief that animal liberation will only come from a change of “attitudes… [and] a change in our way of life, for it requires us to become vegetarians,” (Singer 177). This writer seems very passionate about his position, developing arguments from both emotions and ethical decision making. He justifies his position through three reasons which include the fact that animals suffer and feel pain just like humans, how humans use animals to benefit themselves through experimentation, and how animals have become utilities and have been totally exploited through today’s factory farming practices. In response to Brian Stableford’s book, Future Man , I believe that Singer would wholeheartedly object to this possibility, since there is an easier solution that he already believes is the only way. I could picture Singer asking, “why go through all the trouble of creating such technologies when vegetarianism is a more obvious and simple solution?” Singer would also most likely still
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Journal 4 Crown Core - Clinite Core Section 12 Journal...

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