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Coastal Classifications

Coastal Classifications - Occurs as water shoals Wave...

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Coastal Classifications Primary o Land Based Processes (rivers, glaciers, volcanoes) Secondary o Waves, Currents, Tides. o Coral Reefs and Mangrove Trees. San Diego is Secondary. o Processes Waves produce coastal currents Onshore Current Longshore Current Coastal Erosion – Direct Wave Activity o Controlled by rock strength and strength of waves o Affects the base of cliffs during high tide and storms o Causes undercutting o Will form sea caves, arches, and stacks o Can lead to landslides. (cliff collapse). o Salt Spray Causes sand to flake off cliffs due to salt crystal wedging Affects the entire cliff all of the time. o Fresh water runoff May be due to storms of over-irrigation Affects the entire cliff, especially at the top. o Wave Refraction Waves are bent inward
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Unformatted text preview: Occurs as water shoals Wave energy is focused or concentrated o headlands Tends to straighten irregular coastlines over time. • Emergent vs. Submergent o Emergent Coasts – marine terrace Coast is rising relative to sea level. o Submergent Coasts Coast is sinking relative to seal level. o Tectonic activity – can move land up or down making it emergent or submergent. Effect is local o Isostatic change – loading or unloading of land surface – usually by glacial ise. Effect is local. o Eustatic change – change in seal level usually linked to climate change. Effect is global. o Effect on a coastline is usually the result of a combination of factors. • We are sconday – erosional – emergent....
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  • Coast, Submergent Coasts Coast, Emergent Coasts, Wave Refraction Waves, Onshore Current Longshore Current, Direct Wave Activity

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Coastal Classifications - Occurs as water shoals Wave...

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