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final_practice - EngrD 219 Practice Final Exam Total Points...

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EngrD 219 Practice Final Exam Total Points: 100 Time: 120 minutes Name: ______________________________________ (Please initial every sheet) Good Luck!! Please write your solutions in the allocated spaces below the questions. You can use the back of the sheets for scratch work (it will not be graded). The last two sheets of the exam are blank. Write on these two sheets if you need extra room. These two sheets will be graded. If you take apart the pages, staple them when you turn in your exam. Partial credit will be given, but you must show your work to get any credit, and you must box your answer. To receive appropriate credit, be sure to state where you get data that you use in your solutions, e.g. "this number is from table X.X on page Y."
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1. A fuel stream containing 85.0 mol% methane and 15.0 mol% ethane at 25°C is combined with a stream of pure oxygen at 25°C and completely burned. The combustion products are cooled so that they exit the reactor at 25°C. The process is continuous with a fuel feed rate of 1 mol/s. Oxygen is fed at 10% excess.
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