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European union - No Constitution – drafted but France and...

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European union: 27 countries (6 original and 10 in last 3 years) Population: 500 million 1/3 of world economy GDP: 600 billion dollars Founded immediately after WWII to protect against another world war (keep France and Germany from fighting) Coal Iron and Steel Community first… …then Common Market Great economic success but not as much politically Difficult to govern all under one person 4 Bodies: European Council – Sent to Brussels to represent their respective countries Commission – Executive, made up of people from different countries, do not represent their countries but representatives are for the EU Introduces legislation Runs things Parliament – 700 members, direct election within country, approve representatives for council and commission ECJ – European Court of Justice
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Unformatted text preview: No Constitution – drafted but France and Netherlands shot it down Can’t make a military without a constitution Successful – eliminating tariffs, travel without a passport, increase power and aggressiveness of some countries Not successful – CAP (common agricultural policy) – u Founding of Common Market which became EU – Treaty of Rome (1957) Massttrick Treaty – enlarged EU and gave them new powers/idea of European citizenship/name of European Union/established euro and bank (1991) Treaty of Nice – expansion (2000) Not a “state” because it cannot protect itself militarily NGO’s – multinational corporations, terrorist groups - can move much more effectively and quicker than governments...
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