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India: Highest rate of poverty – GDP = $50/yr Slated to become a superpower in the coming years Very high growth rate – will soon surpass China 10 th largest industrial power in the world Gandhi – Pacifism, tried to stay neutral but has fought wars with Pakistan Religions: Hindu – 80% Sikhs, Muslims, etc. – 20% Caste system: traditional, group you are born into Elite of society (Brahmins) Soldiers Farmers Untouchables Despite divisions, political culture is moderately strong History: Under control of the British Government set up the RAJ
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Unformatted text preview: Dominant single party Congress Party Gandhi passive resistance WWI 1914, Indians fought for British army WWII Congress Party and Gandhi fought for freedom (1947) and since Britain was exhausted from the war, they let the colony go Parliamentary democracy Modeled after Britain First-past-the-post system Congress Party in control and has been for a while despite the vast number of parties in parliament (like BJP party) Federal system Lok Sabha Lower house Rajha Sabha upper house...
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