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Abel, David. The Boston Globe. Sep. 13, 2007 The article I chose is about the scandals surrounding the New England Patriots this past week. But it goes deeper than that. They interview high school football players from the Boston area to see how they feel. Obviously disappointed they discuss the motives and how the team is resorting back to there past. New England who is arguably the best team in the NFL has broken quite a few rules over the past few weeks. From placing listening devices in the defenses’ helmets, to video taping the opposing teams signals. Although the team and their coaches have all apologized sports fans alike still
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Unformatted text preview: feel like some real lines have been crossed. The author took an obvious negative stance on the topic, expressing his dislike for what was done. I did rather like the way he incorporated the student’s point of views. I personally support the author in his stance and don’t see how he could have written in favor of the patriots what so ever. What they did was wrong and they deserve to be reprimanded and allowed to do their thing once more. All in all I thought the article was well written and did an overall nice job....
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