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Wren, Christopher. New York Times. April 26, 1999 We’ve seen the commercials, and read the news about parents talking to their kids about drugs. But studies show that it actually sticks if reinforced enough. Not surprisingly, the study actually showed that kids, whose parents talked to them about drugs, were less likely to do drugs. Parents who don’t talked to their kids about drugs are most likely missing a vital portion of their communication. Which can very likely lead to a separation between parents and kids, and eventually a rebellious attitude. It’s hard for
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Unformatted text preview: many parents to bring themselves to believe that their kids would actually experience with drugs. Even though 42 percent of kids have actually admitted to smoking marijuana at least once. The truth is this article should act as an eye-opener for a lot parents, because drugs are out there and they are targeting teenagers. Being a teenager I can tell from a first hand account how prevalent drugs are. This article shows you the numbers and there hard to ignore. The chances of your kids passing up on drugs if you talk to them first goes up dramatically....
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