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Definitions_and_Concepts - Play Plego(Latin to hit or...

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REC 380 - Developmental Play Processes Objectives for this Lecture Identify the five elements of perceived freedom Define and differentiate between enjoyment and pleasure Understand the concept of “Flow” according to Csikszentmihalyi Leisure Licere (Latin): to be free or permitted; freedom to/from Schole (Greek): scholar, education Leisure characteristics: Defined as TIME , activity, and state of mind Education/learning Intrinsic Recreation Recreatio (Latin): to re-create Anapausis (Greek): to rest Recreation characteristics: Defined as an ACTIVITY , experience Purposeful Organized Tool for political control Intrinsic
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Unformatted text preview: Play Plego (Latin): to hit or strike (ball) Paidia (Greek): child play, amusement Play characteristics: Defined as a BEHAVIOR Associated with children Spontaneous Imaginative Imitative Transient Active Process vs. product Player dominated Intrinsic Definitions & Concepts 2 Perceived Freedom Elements Intrinsic motivation Perceived control Perceived competence Spontaneity Behavior outcome - Suspension of reality Enjoyment vs. Pleasure Enjoyment Pleasure Higher level thinking Innate drives Personal growth No personal growth Active Passive Processing/reflecting No processing/reflecting Sensory + Cortical Sensory only Pleasure Enjoyment Anhedonia Sensory Sensory+Cortical Cortical Arousal: Flow: Challenge Skill Low Low High High...
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Definitions_and_Concepts - Play Plego(Latin to hit or...

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