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Developmental Theories Physical Development Top bottom (head to toe) Center outward (Trunk to legs and arms) Gross motor control fine motor control (arms to fingers) 0-3 months Lifts head and holds steady lifts head and chest supports weight on elbows Hands relax from grasping reflex Visually follows a moving object Turns from side to back 3-6 months Slaps at bath water Kicks feet when prone Plays with toes Shakes and stares at objects placed in hand uncoordinated reaches for dangling objects Sits with props Rocks on all fours and shows some signs of crawling motions (swimming) 6-9 months Rolls from back to stomach Successfully reaches for objects Transfers objects from one hand to the other Sits alone steadily Creeping crawling Stands with support or with use of furniture 9-12 months Picks up objects with pincer grasp (forefinger and thumb) Stands alone Walking with support or use of furniture may walk alone Exhibits efficient crawling attempts to crawl upstairs
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  • Spring '08
  • rosegard
  • Theory of cognitive development, formal operations, Proportional Reasoning Vygotsky Instruction, thinking Milestones, Scaffolding Bruner Learning

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Developmental_Theories - Developmental Theories Physical...

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