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MANA 3320 Human Resources Management Article Review Instructions Article Reviews There are (5) five written Article Review assignments in this course. Students will select an article from a related business publication (HR Magazine, WSJ, Forbes, etc.) The article should reflect a topic related to the areas of Human Resources Management. Articles written before 1999 must have professor approval. The student will summarize the article in a two-page review. The first page will describe the contents of the article and what the topic was trying to cover. The second page will be highly personalized with personal reflections/application/experience included.
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Unformatted text preview: A copy of the article used is to be attached to the report. The two-page review is to be typed 12pt – Time Roman (double-spaced.) Selected Article Reviews may be presented to the class during class session for group discussion. The purpose of the presentations will be to increase knowledge, encourage class discussion and participation. Due Dates for Article Reviews are as follows: #1 Article Review due Week 3 – Tuesday 9/11 #2 Article Review due Week 6 – Tuesday 10/2 #3 Article Review due Week 8 – Tuesday 10/16 #4 Article Review due Week 12 – Tuesday 11/6 #5 Article Review due Week 15 – Tuesday 11/27 Professor Angela Boston...
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