Jazz Exam 2 Study Guide

Jazz Exam 2 Study Guide - New York Swing/Fletcher Henderson...

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New York Swing/Fletcher Henderson o Antiphonal voicing o Substituted guitar and string bass for banjo and tuba o More improvisation New York Swing/Duke Ellington o Mixed voicing o More chromatic o Programmatic associations Kansas City Riff Swing o Head arrangements o Riff-based o Blues-based Characteristics of Swing vs. Bop o Swing Uniform phrases Melodies coincide with harmonic structure Rhythms less varied, more even, flowing Less shifting accents o Bop Musical elements more complex Greater musical contrasts More rhythmic subtleties Greater, more expressive use of dissonance Coleman Hawkins o Early:
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Increasing use of vertical harmony and arpeggios Phrasing is rhythmically regular o Later: Use of triplets and complex rhythmic figures against basic beat Irregular phrasing Use of rubato Playing in double time against basic beat Lester Young o Clear, light tone o Less intricate harmony o Slower vibrato o Subtle rhythmic accents on off beats Art Tatum o Abrupt changes, sudden modulations o Extremely florid style o Changes key mid solo Charlie Christian o Single stride melodic solos o Smooth legato melodies o Manipulation of tension and release Roy Eldridge o Rapid scales o Arpeggios o Woodwind phrasing Dizzy Gillespie
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Jazz Exam 2 Study Guide - New York Swing/Fletcher Henderson...

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