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ECHD 2050 - Katherine Bunger Kathryn Hall ECHD 2050 April...

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Katherine Bunger Kathryn Hall ECHD 2050 April 23, 2008 The results of my Type Focus Type Indicator portray my personality type as ENFP. The E stands for extraverted. As an extravert I feed on the energy of others, work best outwardly in action, and have wide-ranging interests. I am animated, think best when talking to others, have many extensive friendships with many people, and I prefer talking and listening to reading and writing. The N in ENFP represents intuitive. Intuitive people look at patterns and relationships and deal with the possible outcomes of their decisions. As an intuitive person, I live towards the future and think more about what is yet to come. I tend to trust theories more than experience and I am seen as imaginative. I see connections between things and skip over steps I deem unnecessary. Intuitive people are good at creating designs and use metaphors and analogies. The F means feeling. Being a feeling person means that I make my decisions based on my personal, subjective values and can always find an exception to the rule. I am good at understanding people and rely on my personal reactions instead of reasoning. I am motivated by a desire to be appreciated and try to see the positive side of things in an effort to appreciate them. The P stands for perceiver. A perceiver is flexible and lives a spontaneous lifestyle. As a perceiver I am comfortable with uncertainty and like “going with the flow”. The definition of an ENFP completely reflects on my personality. A satisfying career to an ENFP needs to have a creative and fun environment where I can work with new people daily. I need to have ample opportunities that allow me to be confronted by new conditions and every day is different from
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the previous. My ideal career gives me the ability to talk about innovations and possibilities and then get to see my ideas become reality. I need a peaceful and laid back atmosphere that does not have an excess of rules and restrictions. I will definitely look for a career that I am able to find the kind of atmosphere and freedom that I need in order to flourish in. Some careers suggested for ENFPs that interest me are editor, psychologist, rehabilitation worker, speech pathologist, and advertising creative director. As an individual, one develops his or her own personal and work values. Values direct us
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ECHD 2050 - Katherine Bunger Kathryn Hall ECHD 2050 April...

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