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ANT 50 Precis-1 - Anthropology 50(Evolution of Human Nature Prof Bruce Winterhalder[Winter Quarter 2008 Th 2:10-4:00PM CRN 43431 Outline of a Prcis

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Anthropology 50 (Evolution of Human Nature) Prof. Bruce Winterhalder [Winter Quarter 2008, Th 2:10-4:00PM, CRN 43431] Outline of a Précis Websters Third New International Dictionary defines a précis as: 1 : a concise epitome or abstract (as of a book or a case) : a brief summary of essential points, statements of facts < a précis of French history > 2 : the act or practice of writing such a statement. Thus, your précis should include: an outline of ithe article’s contents in abbreviated form; concise summaries of the more important ideas, concepts or factual content (be sure that quotations are indicated as such, with page numbers); and, your thoughts or questions as you go along (I usually put these in double brackets [. . .] to clearly separate my observations from those of the author(s)). Imagine that you later are going to give a lecture on the contents of the article or book and these will be your notes. You will need to record the author's key ideas, methods and results, especially the factual material you will cite but do not want to
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