A Bad Influence

A Bad Influence - be penalized extra. You going to jail...

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A Dangerous Act Drinking and driving is a dangerous act. People do not think when they are DWI (Drinking While Intoxicated) and they have no idea what kind of trouble they can encounter. Drinking and driving is not worth it, because you will be penalized for your actions, go to jail, or kill yourself or others. If you get caught drunk while driving, an effect would be that it could get very expensive. You can be banned from seeing your family for a long time. Also, as part of the penalty, your license is taken away for sometime making you unable to drive. When you start driving again, you will have a very high insurance rate because of the PWI crime, which can become very expensive. A very horrifying effect of DWI is going to jail. If you were drunk while driving, you would go to jail for about 5 years. I think that is a huge waste of life. DWI can be so high that the person ends up paying money all of his/her life. If you refuse to pay you will
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Unformatted text preview: be penalized extra. You going to jail will be on your record forever. If a teen is drunk while driving he/she might never get a job and will have no future! The most important and dangerous effect of DWI is death. Because of drunk drivers, 17,000 people died in 2004. It is a big risk if you are drunk and are driving with passengers in the car. You could go through a giant crash or accident, resulting in either hurting many people or killing them. If you live and other innocent people die because of you, that could haunt you forever. Driving on the road is already a dangerous act. If you are drunk while you are in traffic, you will hurt yourself, be penalized by law by paying an enormous fine, or go to jail, and having to live with the haunting experience of killing others on the road....
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