main paper - Analysis by Zurghama Shah COCA COLA COMPANY...

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Analysis by Zurghama Shah COCA- COLA COMPANY Organizational Structure According to the BNET Business Dictionary, organizational structure is defined as “the form of an organization that is evident in the way divisions, departments, functions, and people link together and interact.” It goes on to add that the structure reveals ‘vertical operational responsibilities, and horizontal linkages’ and the way to represent that on paper is an organizational chart as an example. No such chart was provided by the Coca Cola main website; however the structure has been defined according to different characteristics that are explained in further detail here. Coca Cola uses two separate structures to run the business: operating and corporate structure. Operating segments are divided in five continents where the company’s products are sold. They are North America; Africa; Asia; Europe, Middle East; and Latin America. The corporate segments are divided into nine committees including Corporate External Affairs; Customer Management; Finance; Human Resources; Innovation/Research and Development; Legal; Marketing; Quality; Worldwide Public Affairs and Communications. In North America, operating segments use divisional structure which, according to one definition, is formed once when an organization has been split up into a “number of self- managed units, each of which operates as a profit center.” The company’s divisional structure organized around products where they can concentrate each unit individually and independently. Just recently, Coca Cola has changed their organizational structure to three units which is going to be run by Sandy Douglas . The category of ‘ Sparkling beverages’ does not have a leader at the present time, ‘Emerging Beverages’ by Deryck van Rensburg and ‘Still beverages’ by Brian
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main paper - Analysis by Zurghama Shah COCA COLA COMPANY...

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