Bio97ListofTerms4 - germ-line mutation somatic mutation...

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Bio 97 part 2, List of Terms genotype phenotype bivalent autosomes sex chromosomes chromatin nucleosome chromosome heterochromatin euchromatin centromere telomere allele homozygous heterozygous hemizygous recessive dominant dosage compensation X-inactivation Barr body genetic mosaic euploid aneuploid polyploid polysomy trisomy monosomy monoploid chromosome # haploid chromosome # nondisjunction cis trans parental recombinant cross-over chiasma frequency of recombination map unit centiMorgan percent recombination testcross locus/loci three-point testcross
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linkage group markers (ie. recessive alleles) double cross-over polymorphism restriction endonuclease RFLPs SSRs SNPs gene cloning positional cloning chromosome deletions chromosome duplications tandem duplication unequal crossing-over chimeric gene chromosome inversions inversion loop chromosome tranlocations reciprocal translocation Robertsonian translocation acentric chrm metacentric chrm submetacentric chrm acrocentric chrm dicentric chrm balanced/unbalanced rearrangement mutation spontaneous mutation mutagen
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Unformatted text preview: germ-line mutation somatic mutation loss-of-function mutation hypomorphic mutation hypermorphic mutation gain-of-function mutation silent substitutions missense mutations nonsense mutations frameshift mutations transposable elements thymine dimmer UV irradiation gamma irradiation transition transversion Mismatch repair mechanism Uracil DNA glycosylase mech. Nucleotide excision repair mech. Ames test cancer two-hit hypothesis loss of heterozygosity gel electrophoresis Southern blot probe hybridize probe Oncogene/proto-oncogene Tumor suppressor gene Apoptosis metastasis/metastasize Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium Population Sub-population gene pool genotype frequency allele frequency inbreeding natural selection evolution fitness genetic drift maternal inheritance multifactorial traits/quantitative traits continuous traits meristic traits threshold traits distribution for a trait variance Broad-sense heritability QTL...
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Bio97ListofTerms4 - germ-line mutation somatic mutation...

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