Week 7 - Thursday

Week 7 - Thursday - Week 7 - Thursday 11/17/2005 3:00:00 PM...

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Week 7 - Thursday 17/11/2005 18:00:00 Film (cont.) Theaters Today o New theaters now being built to spend time Murals, etc More comfortable seats o Increasingly chain-owned Studios Today     o Financing and distributing agencies Get money to make movie and distribute it o Actual film-making done by independent contractors Film – TV Relationship     o Intially, competition, fear o Now, coexistence, cooperation 1. TV = place for old movies 2. Made for TV movies 3. Studios make TV programs, series o Home Video     Movies watched on your TV set Initially, scared Then, got more money
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Sell-Through Market     Selling movies directly to the public Initially, family films Now, expanding beyond that DVDs Movie studios make more money from DVDs than  from box office (3x) Direct to Video Videos Initially, just for bad videos Now, put other stuff out  Ex: sequels to animated videos Merchandizing     o Products related to movies Nature of Film     o Persuasive     High-impact, high-involvement Controlled environment TV comes into our world, movies pull you into their world But although it has the potential, it doesn't  try
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Week 7 - Thursday - Week 7 - Thursday 11/17/2005 3:00:00 PM...

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